Indictments UNVEILED – Clinton’s Reaction Raises Eyebrows!

( – Former Secretary of State and First Lady Hillary Clinton praised the indictments of her 2016 rival, former President Donald Trump, and said the courts’ actions are evidence that the American judicial system works.

Clinton appeared on MSNBC and told Rachel Maddow what she thought about the Trump indictments. Although she praised the indictments, the 2016 Democratic presidential candidate who was defeated by Trump said she doesn’t know if anyone “should be satisfied” with the situation. Clinton called it “a terrible moment” for the country to see a former president facing criminal charges.

She then added that the only satisfying part of the situation for her “is that the system is working” and that “all the efforts” of the former president and “his allies and enablers” to “undermine democracy” by silencing the truth have come to light. Clinton is happy that “justice is being pursued.”

Shortly before Clinton’s comments, a Georgia grand jury handed down 10 indictments to the court, which were announced that night. Trump was among those named, along with 18 other associates, on charges of election fraud, racketeering, and other alleged violations related to the 2020 presidential election. The defendants were given until noon on August 25 to turn themselves in for arraignment.

Clinton joked with Maddow that her appearance had to be pushed a little later because of the breaking news on the latest Trump indictment. Maddow apologized for Clinton’s appearance happening “in the middle of this news,” to which Clinton replied that she “never would have guessed” at another indictment and to keep her informed when Maddow wants her back on so they can see what Trump is “charged with then.”

Republican lawmakers and voters generally find Clinton’s comments hypocritical, believing the former Secretary of State herself has managed to avoid facing legal consequences for her own actions while in office.

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