Illegal Arrested On Suspicion Of Killing Mother of 5

( – Former President Donald Trump paid a visit to Detroit, Michigan, for a roundtable panel discussion with local black community leaders, one of whom noted that neither President Joe Biden nor former President Barack Obama ever “came to the hood.”

On Saturday, June 15, Trump appeared on a panel alongside several leaders within Michigan’s black community. One of the speakers was Lorenzo Sewell, a 180 Church senior pastor, who told Trump that Biden and Obama “never came to the hood” in Detroit, referring to the westside neighborhood where the event was held.

Sewell told Trump he was “humbled” by the former president’s visit, noting how Obama never dropped into the neighborhood and that Biden attended a nearby NAACP dinner but also “never came.” The pastor then thanked Trump, to which Trump returned the favor.

Hundreds gathered for the event, including some notable figures and lawmakers, such as GOP Michigan Rep. John James, Detroit-based rapper Sada Baby, former Detroit Chief of Police James Craig, and GOP Florida Rep. Byron Donalds, who moderated the 20-minute panel discussion, which followed a speech delivered by Trump. The roundtable featured local community leaders and small business owners

One of the subjects Trump discussed was the “rampant” crime within American black communities, which Trump promised to reduce if returned to the White House. He also blasted a 1994 crime bill sponsored by President Joe Biden that is widely blamed for the widespread mass incarceration of black Americans over the last three decades.

The Detroit visit and roundtable are the latest in Trump’s efforts to court more black voters. At the end of May, the former president visited the Bronx borough of New York City and drew a surprisingly large and diverse crowd, some of whom were lifelong Democrats who decided to back Trump.

Polls show that support for Trump among black voters is more than double what it was in 2020, particularly in swing states. In Michigan, Trump is ahead of Biden by approximately 0.3 points.

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