Hunter Biden Urging Judge To Toss Out Gun Charges

( – Citing a deal negotiated by his legal team over the summer with the Department of Justice (DOJ), Hunter Biden is calling on a judge to throw out his gun charges.

Hunter Biden’s attorneys are arguing that a deal negotiated with the Justice Department during the summer is technically in place and shields their client from his Delaware gun charges and an additional set of new tax charges brought against the first son last week in California. Meanwhile, the DOJ said the plea deal was never officially finalized.

The first son’s legal team presented their argument on Monday, December 11, as one part of a series of motions. They asked US District Judge Maryellen Noreika to consider throwing out Hunter Biden’s gun case. In this case, Hunter Biden is accused of illegally purchasing a gun while he was an active drug addict, which he lied about on a federal form when buying the weapon.

Hunter Biden’s attorneys also made the argument that the federal law banning drug users from possessing firearms violates the Second Amendment. They claim the DOJ broke its own rules by appointing a special counsel to investigate him, calling the prosecution a “selective and vindictive” plan encouraged by pressure from Republicans.

Led by US Attorney David Weiss in Delaware, federal prosecutors negotiated a two-part plea deal with Hunter Biden that would’ve resulted in a guilty plea to two misdemeanor tax charges and a pretrial agreement to withdraw the gun charge. One of Weiss’ prosecutors and Hunter Biden himself both signed the agreement, which contained language that would’ve protected the president’s son from any future charges brought against him.

The deal collapsed after a hearing in July. The following month, Weiss was appointed as a special counsel by Attorney General Merrick Garland, who expanded Weiss’ prosecution authority. Weiss was originally appointed to his US attorney position by former President Donald Trump. In September, he brought forth the gun charges and a new indictment accusing the first son of evading federal income taxes for three years.

Hunter Biden’s legal team argues that the former pretrial agreement signed by both sides back in July remains legally binding.

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