Hunter Biden Has to Pay At Least $10 Million In Legal Bills

( – Hunter Biden has accrued legal fees of around $10 million, a figure set to rise dramatically. The president’s son has been through a divorce and a child paternity case and is fighting criminal charges, including weapons offenses and tax improprieties.

His attorneys had negotiated a plea agreement with prosecutors, but a judge would not accept the deal and forced lawyers back to the drawing board. On October 3, Hunter Biden entered a not-guilty plea on the gun charges, setting himself up for a potentially expensive trial.

The prosecution alleges that Mr. Biden broke the law when he filed forms for a gun purchase in Delaware in 2018. The document asks if the applicant misuses drugs, and even though he acknowledges he was a heavy user of crack cocaine at the time, Biden answered no. He is now charged with making false statements and illegal gun possession, offenses carrying a maximum penalty of 25 years in prison.

At the hearing in October, Biden’s attorneys told the judge the charges against their client were politically motivated. Abbe Lowell said “right-wing pressure” is the driving force, and in a further political twist, experts speculate that his attorneys may base their defense on the Supreme Court Bruen ruling last year that extended firearms rights. President Biden repeatedly calls for tightened gun control, while his son may rely on expanded Second Amendment rights for his defense.

On top of the gun and tax charges, Hunter Biden’s business ventures are under Congressional investigation, which may uncover more legal headaches in the future. It is unclear how the President’s son will fund his legal bills, but it is known that he has stakes in companies, including BHR Partners, a firm with close ties to the Chinese Communist Party.

At a White House press conference in October, press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said President Biden will stand by his son. “He’s going to continue to support him as he rebuilds his life,” she said.

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