House GOP Pump $45M Into Latest Ads

( – The National Congressional Republican Committee is betting big on 22 districts to maintain and expand its slim majority with the purchase of $45 million in ads.

The ads will run in nearly two dozen districts that have been deemed competitive as part of their first round of reservations. Of those districts, 13 are already held by Democrats seeking reelection.

Richard Hudson, chairman of the NRCC, said the committee is staying true to its promise of mounting an aggressive offensive to strengthen the party’s hold in Congress. The digital television ads will include a significant number of commercials in Spanish during a time when Hispanics are becoming increasingly critical of the Democrat party.

Just over 25% of the budget will be used to run ads in districts that supported Trump but elected a Democrat representative. They are located in the states of Maine, Alaska, Pennsylvania, Alaska, and Washington. Additional ad time will be purchased in California, New York, New Mexico, Oregon, Nebraska, Arizona, Michigan, Texas, North Carolina, Colorado, and Connecticut.

The committee hopes to focus on issues that have proven challenging for Democrats during Joe Biden’s presidency. The Biden administration has faced significant backlash over its border policies, with much of that criticism coming from his own party. Americans also continue to struggle with record inflation and surging crime in some of the nation’s most prolific cities. Members of the committee also noted that congressional Democrats are spending more money to defend vulnerable seats currently held by their representatives. They plan to spend $12 million on digital ads and $16 million on TV commercials.

Recent commercials from the Trump campaign have focused on Biden’s age and perceived lack of mental fitness. One of those ads shows Biden repeatedly falling down stairs and off of his bicycle. One of those ads aired during the recent presidential debate. Another ad implores voters to decide for themselves whether they are better off under Biden’s presidency.

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