House Dem Says to Cut Aid to Colleges That Have Antisemitism

( – Democratic Rep. Jake Auchincloss of Massachusetts said that cutting federal funding toward universities like Harvard should be considered due to their handling of alleged incidents of antisemitism on campuses across the US.

Auchincloss appeared on Fox News on Sunday, May 19, and said that universities, including Harvard, have “become ransacked by antisemitism.” He was referring to the ongoing pro-Palestinian protests happening on university campuses in response to Israel’s war against Islamic militant group Hamas.

Auchincloss is an alumnus of Harvard University and paid a visit to his alma mater on Thursday, May 2, amid the pro-Palestinian protest encampment on campus that began on April 24. During that visit, the congressman suggested that the school may be in violation of federal law by how it has handled the situation, allowing protesters to take over campus spaces and even bar Jewish students from using and accessing what they pay tuition for. He said the encampments created a “hostile learning environment” for Israeli and Jewish students, who have a right to an education.

Now, Auchincloss believes cutting federal funds is an idea that “needs to be on the table” if something isn’t done.

Fox anchor Shannon Bream noted to Auchincloss that the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) placed Harvard among a dozen other schools that rated poorly on policies against antisemitism on campus in a recent report that rated 85 American universities.

The congressman responded by affirming that “right now, Harvard is failing” which is why the ADL gave the university a failing grade. He also said that he “sent letters to eight universities” that graded poorly on that evaluation and pushed “for an action plan” to be implemented over the summer for the next school year, which is currently under review by the ADL.

The protesters demand that colleges divest from any ties with Israel and are calling for a cease-fire in Israel Defense Forces (IDF) operations in the Gaza Strip, which have been ongoing for over seven months following the attack on Israel by Hamas which killed over 1,200. Hamas also took over 200 hostages, some of whom have been released, and others killed in the conflict or by Hamas militants.

Over 35,000 Palestinians have died since Israel launched its campaign, leading to international concern over war crimes. Supporters of Israel say the nation has a right to defend itself, while the protesters and critics accuse the Jewish state of committing genocide, a view they want to force the universities to officially endorse.

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