Homeless Man Sentenced For Assaulting Democrat Lawmaker

(ConservativeSense.com) – A homeless man who assaulted a Democratic lawmaker was sentenced to 27 months in prison. The assault occurred inside Representative Angie Craig’s apartment, inside an elevator. According to authorities, Kendrid Khalil Hamlin, a 26-year-old homeless man, attacked Craig after she initially encountered him.

When Craig first walked past Hamlin, he was doing push-ups. According to authorities, after Craig walked past Hamlin, Hamlin asked her to use her apartment’s bathroom. Once Craig refused, Hamlin punched her and attempted to choke her before fleeing the scene. Following the assault, Hamlin attempted to assault several police officers trying to arrest him.

Despite being homeless, Hamlin gained access to Craig’s apartment building during the early morning of February 9th. According to witnesses, Craig acted erratically while inside the apartment building and seemed to wait for Craig. Authorities claim Hamlin’s assault was not politically motivated. Hamlin has since pleaded guilty to the assault and now faces more than two years in prison.

Authorities brought multiple charges against Hamlin, including assault on a Congress member and multiple charges of assault on a law enforcement officer. Assault on a member of Congress is a severe charge, with a maximum penalty of ten years in prison, but Hamlin will only spend 27 months behind bars for Craig’s assault. Hamlin will also be supervised for three years upon his release. According to Hamlin’s attorney, the homeless attacker suffers from a mental illness and a history of substance abuse.

Following the assault, Craig spoke publicly about the incident and how it affected her personal life. According to Craig, the attack resulted in bruising and an injury to her lip, but she recovered from the physical injuries in a few days. Craig claims she suffered extreme anxiety following the attack and that she’s since learned self-defense techniques to prevent similar assaults.

Craig also claims that mainstream media outlets revealed her address while reporting on the assault, forcing her to violate her lease agreement and move away from the location. According to Craig, MSNBC showed her personal information during a broadcast, raising concerns about being targeted by other attackers.

Despite Hamlin’s assault on Craig, the lawmaker hopes that the prison sentence will aid Hamlin and provide him with mental treatment. Craig claims that she hopes his sentence will allow him to “become a productive member of society.”

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