Homeland GOP Blames Mayorkas For Migrant Crisis

(ConservativeSense.com) – House Republicans on the Homeland Security Committee are blaming Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas for the migrant crisis at the border, which the committee says has caused “devastating human costs.”

In a report published by the committee on October 10, they say that the costs “fall squarely on Mayorkas’ shoulders” and that “no amount” of excuses, shifting of blame, “or political prevaricating” will change this fact. This is the third report from the House Committee detailing the alleged mishandling of the border situation by the Homeland Security Secretary. Republicans are losing patience. Many have been calling for Mayorkas to be impeached for a couple of years now, over policies they believe have only made the border crisis worse, including the expansion of “catch-and-release” and fewer efforts to send illegal immigrants back over the border.

One of the subjects the report addressed was the fentanyl crisis. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) claims “unprecedented campaigns” are in place to crack down “on criminal smuggling networks,” but the drug is still making it into the US and onto the streets. It also addressed human trafficking, the dwindling resources of Border Patrol as well as Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and the emotional and mental toll taken on agents.

Meanwhile, the House Democrats on the Homeland Security Committee decried the report as a distraction. Rep. Bennie Thompson of Mississippi accused his GOP colleagues of criticizing the Biden administration and Mayorkas in order “to distract from the fact” that Republicans don’t have the “ability to govern” or the “desire to work” with the other side to find “real solutions.”

Officials from the DHS have continuously dismissed any criticism against Mayorkas, claiming Congress is responsible for fixing the problem by providing more funding to the immigration system. A spokesman responding to the recent report accused House Republicans of wasting “months trying to score points with baseless attacks” while Mayorkas “has been doing his job” and protecting Americans.

As the parties bicker, the migrants keep coming, and the American people feel the burn of rapidly changing demographics and the strain on resources across the country. Many of these “sanctuary” states and cities continue to dish out taxpayer money caring for people who just arrived yesterday, while American citizens, born and raised, are left out to dry in a crashing economy.

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