Hollywood Writers’ Strike Over – What Now?

(ConservativeSense.com) – The writer’s strike is finally over, although it took a long time for the situation to be resolved, and now employees will begin returning to work.

After 146 days, the strike initiated by the Writers Guild of America (WGA) has mostly come to an end. Negotiating committee co-chairs of WGA, David Goodman, and Chris Keyser, were able to influence the direction of negotiations after various conversations with top executives. Weeks before the deal was struck on September 24, negotiations were paused. In that time, Goodman and Keyser met or corresponded with executives from Netflix, Disney, Sony Pictures, Discovery, and Warner Bros, with negotiations resuming on September 20.

In a joint statement, the WGA and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP), confirmed the deal this week. AMPTP represents movie/television studios, production companies, and streaming services.

What started off as a writer’s strike eventually grew. In July, actors joined the picket lines after two months.

Goodman said that their initial “they of the case” was correct, and that many of the companies could not afford to “ride out a strike.” He said despite rumors that it “could go till next year,” the companies “needed a deal” because the unions “caused them pain.” Goodman said they “got serious” and became more willing to strike a deal when “they realized they had to end it” somehow.

As the strike went on, though, Americans were torn about whether or not to support it. Over the last few years, a “culture war” rift has developed in the country over left-wing ideologies typically described as “woke” permeating the entertainment industry. Many Americans have grown tired of feeling politically browbeat every time they want to watch something on TV, streaming services, or in the theater.

Themes revolving around race, LGBTQ, or other forms of identity politics are becoming increasingly unpopular among audiences, which is why so many people seem unconcerned with the writer’s strike.

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