He’s On FIRE – DeSantis SCORCHES His Enemies!

(ConservativeSense.com) – Presidential candidate and Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis made his first visit to Iowa since declaring his campaign for the GOP nomination in 2024. During his appearance, he took aim at President Joe Biden.

While speaking at his rally in Iowa, DeSantis told the audience that he vows to send Biden back into his basement permanently, a reference to the fact that Biden spent most of his time during the 2020 election in hiding rather than campaigning. DeSantis also took a jab at his chief rival for the Republican nomination, former President Donald Trump, for canceling a rally in Iowa a few weeks prior to DeSantis’ visit.

While addressing the crowd, DeSantis said it was “great to be back,” and that he would kick off the “great American comeback” by sending the president “back to his basement in Delaware.”

DeSantis accused Biden of spending a great deal of his time in office on vacation, stating that it might as well be made permanent. He then went on to mock Trump for calling off his Iowa rally over tornado warnings, which was supposed to be on May 13, although he did not directly name Trump.

The focus of his speech was criticizing the “the elites” who DeSantis claimed are not representing the American people, but “imposing their agenda” on the public using the federal government, corporate America, and the education system to their own benefit and to the “detriment” of everyone else.

The Florida governor also tried to convey hope to his supporters, saying it “does not have to be this way,” that the decline of America isn’t “inevitable” but “a choice,” and that Americans must choose to go in a “new direction” to revive “American greatness.”

After months of hinting, DeSantis officially announced his campaign last month, beginning a tour of twelve cities in three states immediately afterward. On the day of his announcement, he dropped a short campaign ad and also joined Elon Musk for a Twitter space discussion about his plans.

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