He Used A STUN GUN On Cops – January 6th Revelation!

(ConservativeSense.com) – Daniel Rodriguez, a 40-year-old man from Fontana, California who used a stun gun against a police officer during the 2021 Jan. 6th riot, plead guilty on Tuesday.

Rodriguez admitted in court to participating in the assault against Michael Fanone, a former Metropolitan Police Officer.

Fanone was dragged into a crowd during the riot outside the entrance to a tunnel as police tried to fight off the rioters. The officer was heard on camera footage pleading for his life, even shouting to the rioters that he is a father as he was being beaten and eventually went unconscious as well as suffering a heart attack.

Rodriguez was given the stun gun by another rioter. After the assault in the tunnel, he entered the Capitol building from a broken window and later sent a text to his friends bragging about assaulting the officer, according to prosecutors.

After his arrest in March 2021, Rodriguez admitted to the FBI in an interview that he struck Fanone in the neck with the stun gun, believing he was doing the right thing. He also told the FBI he was prepared to die in order to “save the country” that day, after which he cried, ashamed of his behavior at the Capitol, which he called “stupid.”

Rodriguez pleaded guilty in federal court to all four felony charges including assault on a law enforcement officer with a weapon as well as conspiracy.

Others were also charged with assaulting Fanone, such as Cosper Head from Albuquerque, who put the officer in a stranglehold while dragging him into the crowd and restraining him as the other rioters beat him up. Head was sentenced to seven years in prison last October for his participation and pleaded guilty to the assault.

Just last month, 62-year-old Richard “Bigo” Barnett, the man who entered the Capitol building and placed his feet up on Nancy Pelosi’s desk for a photo op that went viral, was found guilty on eight charges related to the Jan. 6th riot. He also apologized for the harsh language he used to refer to Pelosi on a note he left for her.

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