He OUTWITTED Them! They Tried To SILENCE Him

(ConservativeSense.com) – YouTube removed a video by Jordan Peterson about gender ideology, claiming it violated their policy by inciting violence and hatred.

Peterson shared the news on his Twitter page on Saturday, revealing that the video-sharing platform removed his discussion with Helen Joyce, author of Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality. According to the message from YouTube, the discussion between Peterson and Joyce, which was produced by DailyWire+, violated the platform’s “hate speech policy.”

The message claims a team reviewed the content of the discussion, that it violated the policy on “hate speech,” and that it is “important” to make sure the platform “is a safe place for all.”

Under a section explaining how the video violated their policy, YouTube states that any content which glorifies or incites violence “against another person or group” is forbidden, as well as any “that encourages hatred” of someone based on being a member of “a protected group.”

Peterson tagged YouTube in his response on Twitter, saying that the platform has “officially” accused him of “hate speech,” which he notes is now considered a criminal offense “in many jurisdictions” – and also of “inciting violence.”

Shortly after, billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk told Peterson he should upload the video to Twitter instead, which Peterson did. The video passed 300,000 views within a few hours. Fellow Daily Wire contributor Matt Walsh recently had his entire show moved to Twitter after YouTube demonetized him for talking about gender ideology.

Weighing in on the transgender issue is how Peterson was first propelled into the spotlight nearly seven years ago when he released a series of videos on his YouTube channel in September 2016 opposing Canadian Bill C-16. In that video series, he argued against legislating the use of so-called “preferred pronouns.” The videos sparked protests against him and an international debate about transgenderism and free speech.

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