Haley Won’t Give Up – Vows To Stay In Race Despite Trump Victory

(ConservativeSense.com) – Although former UN ambassador Nikki Haley swept up the early votes in the New Hampshire primary, the first contest of the 2024 presidential election, it didn’t fare well for her in the end as former President Donald Trump swept in and took the victory. But Haley says she’s still in the fight.

The mainstream media, such as MSNBC and CNN, seemed to be rooting for Haley as they looked for any favorable poll figure to show audiences while downplaying statistics favoring Trump. Host Rachel Maddow even said that Haley’s campaign must “be happy so far” with the early results they were seeing. Despite the spin, the former president eventually came out on top, but even after the polls closed and Trump was already in the lead at 52%, the mainstream cable news networks declared the race still “too early to call.”

The misconception that Haley had a favorable start began with a small New Hampshire town called Dixville Notch, which has an unusual practice of voting just after midnight on the morning of the election. All six votes from the little town went to Haley. In fact, journalists covering the primary outnumbered the voters 10 to 1 in the small town.

After the race was called, Haley came out to greet supporters as if she were the winner, proclaiming it was “a great night,” that “God is so good,” and thanking New Hampshire.

The only moment during her address where she seemed to grasp reality was when she congratulated Trump, yet she immediately followed that sentence by declaring that her campaign “got close to half the vote.” That would seem more impressive if it weren’t a two-person race, but with the other major candidates withdrawing early, it’s not as impressive as Haley would like to make it seem.

She then attacked her former boss, claiming that the GOP has been mostly losing elections under Trump and that it was time for the country to “put the negativity and chaos” behind them. Haley also mentioned a recent gaffe by Trump, who confused her for Nancy Pelosi while commenting on the events of January 6, 2021. Haley called it a “senior moment.”

Trump mocked Haley’s speech after he came out, saying that she spoke as if she won. He said Haley also spoke the same way after the Iowa caucuses.

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