Gun Ban Predicted To Survive Lawsuit In Democrat State

( – Second Amendment advocates had a setback this week. A federal appeals court ruled to temporarily block a ruling from a lower court that lifted the ban on owning detachable magazines capable of holding over 10 rounds.

The overturning of California’s large magazine ban was the second time the law has been reversed, and this is the second time that the order has been stayed; the first time it happened was in 2019. Both times, the magazine ban and round limit were reversed by US District Court Judge Roger Benitez, who called the law “clearly unconstitutional.”

Benitez argued that citizens looking to defend themselves have a right to make sure they don’t run out of ammunition in a dire situation. “Woe to the victim,” he said, “who runs out of ammunition” before an armed attacker.

Now, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has stayed that order again pending further proceedings, and therefore the law remains in effect. The 9th Circuit disagreed with Benitez’s assessment and said that the defense of the law by California Attorney General Rob Bonta would probably “succeed” on merit. They also argued that “irreparable harm” could follow lifting the ban, leading to more mass shootings. The court concluded “that the public interest tips in favor” of keeping the ban in place.

In a statement defending the ban, Bonta said he and other lawmakers “are relieved” with the court’s decision to grant their motion to maintain the magazine restrictions until a decision on an appeal is made.

The battle over the Second Amendment in California is one of several taking place around the country now. As Democratic states continue to push for more gun control, Republican-run states like Florida are loosening restrictions even more and passing constitutional carry laws. As crime rates remain high and police forces have trouble filling their ranks, the average citizen will have to rely more and more on self-defense.

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