Giuliani Strikes – ‘Incompetent’ DA Faces the Fire!

( – Fani Willis, the Fulton County District Attorney who indicted former President Donald Trump and 18 associates on Monday, is taking more fire from one of those defendants besides Trump: Former mayor of New York City and Trump’s former lawyer, Rudy Giuliani.

Guliani appeared on Newsmax’s “The Balance” and slammed the Georgia district attorney for using the same laws against organized crime that Giuliani himself used to lock up Mafia bosses. The former New York mayor called it “a ridiculous application of the racketeering statute,” referring to those laws, and said that no one “knows it better” than he does.

Host Eric Bolling asked Giuliani why Willis is charging him with racketeering after his history of locking up organized criminals, to which he replied that Willis is “a politician and not an honest, honorable lawyer.”

During the interview, Giuliani also said he believes the grand jury was coaxed into a decision and noted the indictment document that appeared early on the Fulton County Court website. Trump also mentioned this in his first Truth Social post after the indictment announcement, calling the ordeal a “witch hunt.”

Giuliani said the indictment is a “political case” and “should be dismissed,” removed from the Georgia court, and immediately moved to a federal court. He said every state should not have different rules on how to deal with cases that have federal implications, such as indicting a former president.

Ultimately, Giuliani believes the case will be removed.

Willis had “her moment of glory,” said Giuliani, calling her a “politician through and through” who indicted him “for nothing, for being a lawyer.” Giuliani described Willis as “incompetent” and “sloppy” as a prosecutor and said he “would’ve fired her” if she worked for him.

Another former Trump lawyer, Alan Dershowitz, weighed in on the case as well and believes the plan by the Democrats is to get “bad convictions” that will be overturned on appeal after the election is over.

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