Graham Pummels Biden’s Mental Competence On National TV

( – Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham said that he’s not sure if President Joe Biden can handle another four months in office let alone another term after the president’s debacle during the first presidential debate last month.

Graham was interviewed on CBS News’s “Face the Nation” on Sunday, July 7, and said he is worried that US allies and enemies are seeing a president who is “compromised.” The GOP senator said he was “offended by the idea” that Biden should not have to “take a competency test” after all of the “evidence” of his mental and physical decline that the public at large is witnessing.

Graham said that not only is the president “in denial,” but that remaining in a position of “leading the ship” puts the American people in danger.

Graham said Biden’s capabilities worried him and cited recent polls that show at least 70% of Americans believe the president isn’t “mentally and physically capable” of doing the job anymore. He said the president’s health is most concerning due to the “national security implications,” and that while Biden’s party worries about “winning the election,” his primary concern is about whether or not Biden can even serve “for the next four months.”

The GOP senator then mentioned the Oct. 7, 2023, attack on Israel by Hamas that happened on the president’s watch, and then the interview conducted by special counsel Robert Hur the following day which concluded that Biden wasn’t fit to stand trial. Hurr’s report concluded that the jury would perceive Biden as a “sympathetic elderly man with poor memory.”

Graham believes that Biden should have to undergo a cognitive abilities test, as well as everyone else who may be “in the line of succession” for the presidency. When asked if Trump should also have to take neurological exams, Graham said he believes all candidates running for the White House should undergo such tests as part of the regular physical exam process.

The senator believes the current situation is a “wake-up call for the country,” and that Americans need to be certain that whoever may enter the highest leadership position can do the job “under dire circumstances.”

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