Governor’s Border BATTLE – Abbott Fires Back at Biden

( – Republican Texas Gov. Greb Abbott took some more shots at President Joe Biden and his administration this weekend, posting on Twitter about being sued by the Department of Justice (DOJ) for Texas’s efforts to secure the border along their shared state with Mexico.

Abbott tweeted on Sunday and touted his state’s efforts to secure the southern border and warned Biden there would be “consequences” if the DOJ brought the Lone Star State to court.

According to the Texas governor, the state has seized over 422 million lethal fentanyl doses since 2021, which he said was “more than enough” to kill every American and only made it over the border because of Biden’s poor performance and border policies. The Texas GOP is in general supportive of Abbott’s efforts to deal with human trafficking and drug smuggling by the cartels. Some are even calling for the cartels to be officially labeled as terrorists.

Abbott also said nearly 400,000 illegal immigrants have been apprehended in Texas, including about 32,000 criminal arrests. All of this, according to Abbott, is because the president “is not doing his job.”

Now the DOJ is threatening to sue the state of Texas for deploying a floating barrier of buoys with a net extending 1,000 feet down into the Rio Grande to prevent migrants from jumping into the river and attempting to swim across into the U.S.

The barrier is part of Abbott’s Operation Lone Star plan, which will boost efforts to secure the southern border through various means. Along with the National Guard, the Texas governor and the Department of Public Safety issued a statement last week about the operation, which will tackle the trafficking of drugs, weapons, and people and “prevent, detect, and interdict” crime “between ports of entry.”

Also highlighted in the statement are the efforts by Abbott to send legal migrants crossing the border out of Texas and into Blue cities across the U.S., such as New York City, Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C.

Despite the federal pushback, Abbott and his administration plan on deploying “every strategy” to secure the border, and the governor told Biden he will see him in court.

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