Governor Claims White House Is Suing State For Trying To Defend Border

( – The Battle of the Border rages on as Texas Gov. Greg Abbott accuses the White House of persecuting him and his state for their efforts to secure the border from waves of immigrants crossing over illegally.

During a recent interview, Abbot said that Texas is using every means it can muster to stop the surge of illegal immigration over the southern border, save for “shooting people” because the Biden administration would charge them “with murder.” Abbot appeared on The Dana Show on Friday, Jan. 5, and told host Dana Loesch about all of the steps he and his state are taking to stop illegal immigration into the US while President Joe Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ) continues to try and hinder such efforts with lawsuits.

Abbott said Texas is “using every tool” available to halt the flow of illegal immigration, from constructing a wall on the border and installing barriers of razor wires and buoys in the Rio Grande River to passing a new law allowing Texas law enforcement to arrest and deport illegal crossers, which “led to another lawsuit by the Biden administration.”

The Texas governor said the “only thing” the state isn’t doing is “shooting people who come across the border” because the administration “would charge us with murder.”

Texas Democratic Party chair Gilberto Hinojosa was not happy about Abbott’s comments. Hinojosa said Abbott’s comment indicates that the only thing stopping him from “ordering law enforcement to shoot migrant women and children” is the possibility of “murder charges.” He rebuked the governor, whose remarks Hinojosa said are a reminder that Texas Republicans “have no morality or humanity.” He also compared Abbott’s methods of securing the border to “medieval death traps,” and accused him of “separating families” and enacting “mass imprisonment.”

Abbott asked Loesch if a president has ever tried “to prevent a state from securing its own safety” at any time in American history. He said the only reason the Biden administration is pushing back on Texas is because the state’s actions have been “effective.”

According to Customs and Border Protection data, 302,000 encounters with illegal immigrants at the border were recorded in December 2023, breaking the previous record of nearly 270,000 in September.

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