Governor Abbott Belittles Eric Adams, Says He Wouldn’t Last in Texas

( – Republican Governor of Texas Greg Abbott criticized Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adams for complaining about the number of migrants arriving in the Big Apple.

Abbott appeared on Fox News and was asked by host Jesse Watters about recent remarks made by Adams in which the New York City mayor described Abbott as a “madman” for shipping migrants out of Texas on buses and into other states, including New York.

Abbott said when he first heard Adams’ comments, he thought about the Frank Sinatra song “New York, New York,” specifically the lyrics stating that if one “can make it here [in New York],” then they “can make it anywhere.” Abbott then said that although Adams may have “made it to be mayor” of the Big Apple, he doesn’t think Adams could “last a week in Texas. ” Compared to what the Lone Star State is dealing with “every single day,” Abbott says New York has “few migrants.”

Although the city has already received around $140 million from the federal government to help shelter and provide for the influx of migrants, Adams says it’s not enough and warned last week that the migrant crisis “will destroy” New York if more help isn’t provided. According to his office, over 110,000 migrants seeking asylum have arrived in the Big Apple over the last 18 months.

Abbott said that cities like New York, Chicago, D.C., and LA “put out policies” proclaiming these places as “sanctuary cities,” and the local leaders “love to promote these liberal ideologies,” but cannot “live up” to and “apply them.” The Texas governor said “it’s clear” that such policies of “letting everybody live for free” don’t work.

Last week, Abbott said over 35,000 immigrants had been bused out of Texas and into so-called “sanctuary cities,” 13,000 of whom were sent to New York.

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