Gov. Abbott Signs Bill Criminalizing Illegal Immigration at the State Level

( – Republican Gov. Greg Abbott just signed new legislation that will fill in more of the Biden administration’s gaps on the border and immigration crisis by allowing Texas police the power to arrest any migrants caught crossing the border into the US illegally.

Abbott stated during the signing ceremony that the purpose of Senate Bill 4 is to halt the “tidal wave of illegal entry” into the Lone Star State. Once detained, illegal immigrants have a choice between following a court order to leave the US or facing prosecution for illegal entry misdemeanor charges.

The decision is the latest move by Abbott to push back against the Biden administration’s immigration policies and to secure his state’s border and communities without the federal government’s help. In fact, the federal government has only resisted Abbott’s efforts, which are all part of Operation Lone Star.

The operation includes such ideas as installing a buoy and net barrier in the Rio Grande River and razor wire along its banks, which the federal government has sued the state for. Texas has also been mitigating the impact of the new arrivals by bussing over 65,000 out of the state and into so-called “sanctuary cities” across the country.

The latest measure is receiving backlash from former immigration judges, and immigration rights groups are already suing Texas.

The Mexican government also rebuked the new law, which would violate agreements between the two nations that Mexico doesn’t have to receive deportations of citizens from other countries besides their own. Considering many immigrants come from other nations and pass through Mexico to get into the US, this will create problems for bilateral and international agreements as the new law will require sending deported immigrants to entry ports along the US-Mexico border, whether or not they are Mexican citizens.

The foreign relations department of Mexico issued an official statement rejecting “any measure” allowing “local or state authorities to detain or deport” Mexican citizens “or other nationalities” onto its soil.

A spokesperson for the White House also rebuked the new legislation, calling it “extreme” and claiming it will only make Texas communities “less safe.” The statement also reiterated that “determining how and when to remove noncitizens” is generally left up to the federal government.

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