GOP Wants Ukraine Aid Information

( – Republican lawmakers want more information on where US aid to Ukraine is spent, according to a former CIA analyst. Speaking to Newsmax, Fred Fleitz said Ukraine appears to be losing the war, and a promised counteroffensive by Ukrainian troops last year fizzled out, leaving Americans wondering where their money is going and what it is achieving.

Fleitz believes that the GOP is not against helping the Ukrainian cause, but with such large amounts of cash involved, and while many Americans are struggling, they are no longer willing to hand over checks without accountability. Fleitz also said that Ukraine’s chances of winning the war are slim.

Former Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) officer Rebekah Koffler agreed and said, “There’s no military path to victory for Ukraine.” Koffler, who grew up in the Soviet Union and warns Americans of Putin’s plans to take down the United States, called Joe Biden’s support “virtue signaling,” before stating that Biden’s behavior toward Donald Trump is similar to how Putin deals with enemies. “I call them American Bolsheviks, Letitia James and all of these liberal attorneys,” she said.

In a Newsweek article last year, Ms. Koffler wrote that the many indictments against Donald Trump reminded her of the political reality in her birth country. She stated that she became a US citizen searching for freedom and was stunned to find that America had transformed into a nation that was no longer free. The author of “Putin’s Playbook: Russia’s Secret Plan to Defeat America” said when she saw former President Trump leaving a Manhattan criminal courtroom, she realized her adopted nation was “infected with the virus of totalitarianism.”

It is an argument Trump has also made as he insists the indictments against him are politically motivated. “Democrats are becoming increasingly totalitarian,” Trump warned as far back as 2019, while he was still in the White House and facing his first impeachment. In December 2019, House Democrats voted to impeach him for soliciting Russian election interference. He was acquitted.

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