GOP Congressman Fires Back at Professors Amid Antisemitism Letter Controversy

( – Republican Rep. Jim Banks fired back at his academic critics last week after a group of professors in Indiana dismissed his warnings that antisemitic sentiments are spreading across the school campus.

The controversy began after Banks wrote a letter earlier this month to Dr. Pamela Whitten, president of Indiana University, concerning two students who recently resigned from their student government positions. The students claim that the Indiana University Student Government (IUSG) president is “blatantly antisemitic” and doesn’t “want to work with Jewish students.” Afterward, the IUSG launched an internal investigation of the matter to see if the allegations of antisemitism were true.

Banks’ Nov. 15 letter received immediate backlash from critics at the school, inspiring an open letter on Nov. 21 in response that gathered over 200 signatures around campus, many of whom are faculty and staff members. The open letter responding to Banks described his letter as “threatening” and “inappropriate” and criticized him for not also condemning so-called “Islamophobia.”

Addressing the backlash on Fox News last Wednesday, Banks said the professors opposing his warning are “proving” his “original point,” noting that the response to his letter failed to address his “main concern,” which is that “student leaders” are feeling the “antisemitism on campus” yet are “being ignored.”

The congressman said it’s “unacceptable to dismiss” student concerns when they speak out in a way that “doesn’t align with woke political views.” Banks concluded that “every student” should feel “safe on campus” and expressed “confidence” in the university president’s “commitment to that duty.” Banks added that he takes the allegations personally “as an IU graduate.”

The incident is one of many in American schools following the Oct. 7 attack on Israel by Hamas and the resulting conflict. Also in November, a high school teacher in New York City had to lock herself in an office after students stormed the hallways in protest following the discovery that the teacher attended a pro-Israel rally.

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