GOP Challenger Roasts Governor Over Biden Support

( – GOP gubernatorial candidate Daniel Cameron is mocking Kentucky’s Democratic Governor Andy Beshear for his continued support of President Biden and for consistently doing the president’s bidding. Beshear recently endorsed Biden again, to the astonishment of fellow Kentuckians, given the president’s unpopularity in the state.

Attorney General Cameron said Beshear’s loyalty to Biden’s policies means that Kentucky residents struggle to make ends meet and endure growing crime rates.

Sean Southard is the GOP spokesman in the Bluegrass State and believes Beshear’s commitment to the Biden administration is financially motivated because Biden “bankrolls” the governor’s political campaigning. “That’s why Andy will always put Biden ahead of Kentucky,” he said.

The bankrolling allegations are based on federal election data showing that the Kentucky Governor raises cash through the Biden Victory Fund, a joint fundraising committee that has transferred thousands of dollars to Beshear.

In response, the governor said it is Cameron who associates him with Biden as a political maneuver, and at a recent debate in Paducah, he told the audience that Cameron sees things in terms of Team Red and Team Blue, but the state needs a governor who thinks in terms of Team Kentucky.

Polling in the Bluegrass State shows high levels of support for Governor Beshear but little faith in President Biden. At the event in Paducah, Beshear appeared to get in front of his challenger by predicting what he would say and presenting his arguments as tired and dull, even mocking him by saying to his audience, “If you got Joe Biden or the far left on your bingo card, congratulations, you’ve won.”

Cameron, however, is sticking to his guns and has described the gap between Democrats and the GOP as a choice between normal and crazy. Referring to Democrat support for including males in women’s sports, Beshear must be crazy if he endorses that.

The governor continued to bring the fight back to Kentucky and reminded voters of his economic record and job creation.

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