GOP Backs Former NBA Player Royce White for Senate

( – Minnesota Republicans are backing former NBA player Royce White as he challenges Democrat Amy Klobuchar for her Senate seat. Mr. White is relatively new to politics but won the support of 67% of fellow Republicans for the primary contest’s first ballot. The candidate selection will be completed in August.

Basketball star White describes being inspired to step up to the political plate after hearing a speech by former Trump adviser Steve Bannon. Having stood unsuccessfully in 2022 to challenge US Rep. Ilhan Omar, White said he is delighted to break through this year.

During his victory speech, the Republican cited corruption and bloated government as the primary causes of America’s struggles. “The No. 1 problem in this country is money in politics,” he said. However, the sportsman conceded that he has had financial difficulties in the past, as well as problems raising political funds. Mr. White described having sizeable personal debt and has failed to raise significant funds for his GOP campaign. Records show he has around $10,000 in campaign cash on hand.

Royce White has attracted prior criticism, and some media outlets regularly describe him as a “conspiracy theorist.” Once a leader of Black Lives Matter protests in Minneapolis, White is a staunch Trump supporter who has appeared on the basketball court with “Trump won” written on his head. His playing career has furthermore faced some difficulties caused by mental health concerns, particularly surrounding anxiety.

Please Call Me Crazy is the name of White’s regular podcast, and his critics say he has expressed antisemitic, misogynist, and anti-gay slurs. His Twitter account shows several instances of dismissing critics as “fags,” and he once reportedly claimed that Charles Barkley was under the control of a “Jewish cabal.” Furthermore, detractors say he blames black women for creating a second wave of slavery via the social welfare system.

Amy Klobuchar has held her Senate seat since 2006, and many people previously considered her a potential US President.

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