GOP And House Speaker Accuse Mayorkas Of Releasing Thousands Of Illegal Immigrants

( – A group of senior Republicans has accused Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas of deliberately releasing thousands of illegal immigrants into the US. House Speaker Mike Johnson, together with House Judiciary Chair Jim Jordan and House Homeland Security Chair Mark Green, wrote a letter to Mayorkas saying that Department of Homeland Security (DHS) “officials released thousands of illegal aliens into the US before our trip to Eagle Pass.”

In the letter, Johnson claims that more than 10,000 migrants were held in the Border Patrol’s Eagle Pass detention facility before his visit in January, but when he arrived, there were only around 600. The Speaker added that officials told him 1,500 were released every day in the run-up to his trip. “Media reports have suggested DHS took these steps to hide the truth from Members of Congress,” the letter continued.

The note will likely add pressure on the embattled Homeland Security Secretary, who is facing potential impeachment charges from enraged Republicans. The first impeachment hearing took place in Congress on January 10, with GOP lawmakers accusing Mayorkas of dereliction of duty, while Democrats accused Republicans of conducting a political stunt.

The Constitution sets the standards for impeachment and limits these to treason, bribery, or “high crimes and misdemeanors,” but Mark Green insists “gross incompetence” rises to the standard required. Mr. Green argued that the founding fathers intended impeachment as a means of removing lawmakers who are “guilty of such gross incompetence that their conduct had endangered their fellow Americans, betrayed the public trust, or represented a neglect of duty.”

Meanwhile, Democrat Rep. Bennie Thompson of Mississippi said Republicans only initiated an impeachment process because it is an election year, and they want to portray themselves as defenders of America’s border. “This is not a legitimate impeachment,” he declared.

Frank Bowman, a law professor from the University of Missouri, was called to testify for Democrats and said there are ways to oppose immigration policy in Congress, but “impeachment is not one of them.”

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