GET OUT: War Heroes Suffer ULTIMATE Insult

( – Hotels in Upstate New York have kicked homeless military vets onto the streets to make room for illegal immigrants. The veterans, many of whom served during the Vietnam War, were housed in hotels with the help of a non-profit group. That group now says that more than two dozen vets have been made homeless as busses of illegal immigrants arrive to take their place. 

Sharon Toney-Finch, the CEO of the Yerik Israel Toney Foundation, which helped house the veterans, said 15 were evicted from the Crossroads Hotel in Newburgh in a single night. The Newburgh area, around 60 miles from New York City, has become a hotbed of migrant-related problems since NYC Mayor Eric Adams began bussing migrants out of the Big Apple. The left-wing Mayor said immigration is “destroying” New York City. 

Hotels in the state also canceled bookings for rooms and functions, some made months in advance. For example, a couple from Queens who had booked a total of 27 rooms for their wedding were told to find another venue. 

A legal row has simultaneously broken out between the Big Apple and Upstate as Adams continues to ship migrants northward. Orange County, where most migrants are sent, has filed a lawsuit against Eric Adams saying he is exceeding his legal authority. The lawsuit said Orange County officials oppose the “illegal and misguided attempts to manage their burdens and assumed responsibilities within their borders by offloading them onto the County.”

Meanwhile, the Biden administration has created a computer app that allows immigrants to apply for asylum appointments at the southern border. The ap

p encourages pregnant women, people suffering from mental or physical illnesses, and homeless people to apply to move to the United States. This is one method the White House is using to change the status of border crossers from illegal to legal immigrants. More than 62,000 applied for entry via this route in less than a week. 

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