George Soros DAs Might Be Stripped Of Controversial Powers

( – After the prosecutions aimed at former President Donald Trump, which are clearly rooted in political motivations, more average Americans are beginning to ask questions about the justice system in the United States and the district attorneys across the country that seem to have thrown out prioritizing the rule of law unless it’s to punish their enemies.

A pattern amongst those left-leaning DAs seems to be philanthropist and businessman George Soros, who’s donated millions upon millions of dollars to help elect them and other public officials into positions of power.

It seems these DAs are being weaponized to target the political enemies of the Democratic Party, meanwhile, they aren’t punishing actual criminals in their districts.

Trump is being targeted from multiple angles at once: the Department of Justice under the administration of President Joe Biden; the DA of Manhattan, Avin Bragg; the DA of Fulton County, Georgia, Fani Willis; and the DA of Westchester County, NY, Miriam Roach. Most of these investigations are on shaky ground and seem to be designed to interrupt Trump’s presidential campaign.

As all of these prosecutors in the movement to “reform” criminal justice attempt to throw the book at the former president, they aren’t going after criminals who are a problem for everyday citizens. By refusing to prosecute criminals, the communities these DAs are responsible for are the ones dealing with the consequences as crime waves sweep American cities like Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, and more.

There are shared policy goals among them to eliminate cash bail, reduce prison sentences, and a general avoidance of prosecuting certain crimes. 72 million Americans are represented by Soros-funded prosecutors, who’s poured $40 million into efforts to elect DAs across the country using a network of non-profits and PACs.

The only way everyday citizens and especially conservative voters who oppose these policies can change things is to get candidates in who will enforce the law. They will need to fund a movement of prosecutors of their own to oppose the network constructed by Soros.

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