George Santo’s PAST Just Came Back To Bite Him!

( – New York Representative George Santos can’t seem to stay out of the headlines as his past keeps coming back to bite him. This week, Rolling Stone reported on his old account from eight years ago on the singing app Smule, featuring a series of karaoke covers.

Under the alias George Devolder, Santos can be heard performing a multitude of terrible covers, including “Let it Go” from the movie Frozen, “Hallelujah” from Shrek, channeling his inner-Robin Williams on “Friend Like Me” from Alladin, and other songs. The profile picture featured on the account shows Santos making a juvenile kissy face.

Just last week he was criticized for registering a new treasurer (amid investigations into his campaign budget) who turned down the job yet was filed in the paperwork anyway, most likely due to a miscommunication. On top of lying about his biography and on his resume (to which he admitted) and lying about having Jewish heritage, Santos also claims to have met disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein in a 2020 podcast interview, was accused of conning a veteran out of donation money to save a dying dog, and pictures of the Congressman in drag have also resurfaced.

With all of these stories piling on, it’s becoming more and more difficult to take the Congressman seriously. A recent survey revealed that over three-quaters of New York’s 3rd Congressional District voters believe he should step down from his position.

On Tuesday, Santos also told fellow Republican lawmakers he would excuse himself from two House committees as they conduct investigations into his questionable campaign fundraising history. He made the announcement after meeting with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, who’s defended Santos over the last few weeks as revelations about his deceitful and embarrassing past continue to come to light.

Whether or not Santos will step down remains to be seen, but he may end up dismissed from his post once the investigations pan out.

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