George Santos CAREER Update – A Decision Has Been Reached!

( – New York Representative George Santos is under investigation by the House Ethics Committee. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, who has previously backed the disgraced Congressman, confirmed on Tuesday that if they find something “we’ll take action.”

The 34-year-old Long Island representative faces at least two ethics complaints for fabricating his resume and background, which he admitted to, as well as possible violations of campaign finance laws. Santos may have even lied about donations coming from his own family members.

Last week, protesters rallied outside of his NYC office and demanded that Santos resign over his deception of voters. Despite all of the controversy surrounding him, Santos says he will not step down and will remain in office until the 2024 election cycle.

The Congressman has also recently been accused of harassing a former staff member. The ex-staffer, Derek Myers, said he filed a complaint about the incident to the Office of Congressional Ethics as well as the United States Capitol Police. Myers claims that while Santos was inviting him to go out to sing karaoke later that night, the Congressman placed his hand on Myer’s knee and then slid it into his inner thigh to then touch his groin.

The media seem to enjoy reporting on Santos’ juicy past. New information keeps emerging about him, from dressing up in drag to conning a veteran out of donation money Santos raised under a pseudonym to help the vet save his dying dog, as well as bad karaoke singing and questionable statements from a couple of years ago claiming he met deceased financier Jeffrey Epstein.

The fact that Santos was able to get into Congress at all makes one question the state of U.S. politics today, and it’s no wonder so many Americans have lost faith in the system in general when this sort of deception may be more common than we think.

Depending on how the Ethics Committee probe plays out, Santos may not have to resign at all.

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