Gender Clash Sparks HUGE Lawsuit – Obey Or Suffer The Consequences!

( – A yoga studio in New York City is being sued by a transgender woman after he was asked to leave the woman’s locker room and told to use the men’s facilities instead.

According to the court filings, Dylan Miles, who now goes by Ali Miles, is suing the studio for $5 million after being asked by management to leave the woman’s locker room and use the men’s locker room instead. After finishing a class at Hot Yoga Chelsea, Miles went into the women’s locker room where women in the facility complained about his presence there and he was then told to exit, to which he objected.

The filing stated that the plaintiff spoke with the owner and manager to explain Miles’ “gender status,” informing them that Miles “aligned with female gender identity” and requested a “private non-gender specific restroom and locker room.”

Mile apparently has a history of suing over so-called gender identity discrimination. This lawsuit is the third filed by Miles in the last 13 months. Miles argues that being forced to use male facilities causes “shame, humiliation, and frustration.”

The transgender issue is one of the biggest dividing lines in American politics right now, with the vast majority of Republicans opposing special privileges allowing trans-identifying people to access spaces in line with their gender identity. Opposing gender ideology can also cost people their jobs and not using someone’s preferred pronouns in the workplace can result in fines in states like New York.

Aside from the issue of bathrooms and locker rooms, a major battleground between Democrats and Republicans is the issue of allowing biological males who identify as transgender to compete in girls’ and women’s sports.

A few months ago, an Olympic swimmer, Riley Gaines, was attacked by radical activists at a speaking event at San Francisco State University, where she had to be barricaded in a room for three hours.

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