Gang Members IDENTIFIED In Scary Location – It All Adds Up!

( – Migrant shelters in New York City are filled with dangerous gang members, prompting city officials to look for security guards to keep the facilities safe. Around 50,000 of the more than 84,000 who arrived in the city since last year reside in the shelters. Gregory Floyd, who runs a security firm, said the accommodations are too dangerous for his unarmed officers.

“There are migrants who are gang members in these facilities. It’s volatile. It’s dangerous, and we don’t know if all these migrants are properly vetted,” Floyd said.

Since Mayor Eric Adams took office last spring, the number of illegal immigrants living in New York has increased by more than 110%. Most stay in homeless shelters, but others are housed in hotels at taxpayers’ expense. Accommodation for the border crossers is costing New Yorkers around $8 million per day, and Adams said this will be funded by cutting back on public services, including libraries and meals for older people.

Furthermore, investigations reveal that some hotels are charging the city well above the market rate to accommodate the immigrants.

In a speech in June, Mayor Adams said New Yorkers were angry and declared that the city “did not ask” for the “job” of supporting thousands of asylum seekers. This is despite the Mayor’s declaration that New York is a sanctuary city that will always welcome migrants. A sanctuary city is one that refuses to work with federal immigration agencies to locate illegal migrants.

In June, the Mayor said he would speed up access to taxpayer funds for immigrants and asked New York residents to welcome the unvetted arrivals into their homes. Adams has made attempts to move migrants out of the Big Apple to towns Upstate, but some have responded by filing lawsuits to prevent further arrivals. Local legislatures have also enacted laws to ban any immigrant transports from NYC. Several Upstate officials say hostility toward immigrants and the federal government is increasing rapidly.

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