From Coast to Coast – State Extends Travel Ban to Over Half the U.S.

( – California has travel bans in place for more than half of US states. State Attorney General Rob Bonta announced on July 14 that Wyoming, Missouri, and Nebraska will join the long list of forbidden destinations for state employees traveling on state-funded trips. Leaders of the Golden State now prohibit publicly-funded visits to 26 American states. The latest additions were made in protest at laws preventing males from entering sporting competitions intended for females.

In a statement, Bonta said, “These new laws enacted by Missouri, Nebraska, and Wyoming aren’t just discriminatory, they constitute a clear case of government overreach — and it’s an alarming trend we’re witnessing across the country.” He added that not allowing males to compete in women’s sports amounts to “marginalization” that pushes back “hard-won protections.”

The travel restrictions were initially enacted in 2016. The legislation states that any publicly funded agency, government department, board, or authority, “or commission of the University of California, the Board of Regents of the University of California, or the California State University, and the Legislature shall not require any of its employees, officers, or members to travel to a state” that has enacted laws California considers discriminatory. Since then, the list of offending states has grown and now comprises a majority.

Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom raised eyebrows, however, when he vacationed last year in Montana – one of the prohibited states.

Significant complications arose when the impact of the policy meant sports teams had to fund their own travel across the US to compete in college competitions. Some teams began complaining that it is difficult to schedule contests, and players were missing out on opportunities.

In yet another unforeseen difficulty, California said it would spend $20 million bringing in women from other states to access abortion services. However, because of the regulations, it cannot pay to transport the women back home.

Some Democrats are now calling for an end to the legislation as the reality of cutting off access to more than half the country hits home.

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