Fox News Guest Cries “RACISM” After New Dangerous New Push!

( – Prominent civil rights attorney Leo Terrell has called California’s plans to pay reparations to black residents “racist” and “insulting.” Officials in the left-leaning Golden State have made plans to give each black person $360,000 each, coming to a total of $640 billion. California meanwhile is running a deficit of over $22 billion. When congratulated on the pending financial windfall, Terrell, who is African American, said, “I don’t want it.”

The payments are intended as compensation for slavery, but Terrell said the notion is racist. He went on to state that the idea of giving money to black Californians to reduce crime, as some have suggested, is an “insult to all black Americans.” Terrell sensationally accused California Governor Gavin Newsom of using the money to buy the loyalty of black Californians and prevent them from deserting the Democratic Party. The attorney said he would be the first to fight the plans while predicting that they will never be allowed to become reality because they are unconstitutional and discriminate against every non-black American in the state. 

The so-called Reparations Task Force was created in 2020, the same year of the Black Lives Matter riots across the nation. It says it intends not only to give billions of dollars of taxpayer money away but to tackle vague notions such as “structural racism” and “future harms.” It is not clear what is meant by either term, but the group also says it wants an apology. Again, it is not clear from whom.

What is clear however is the figure of $360,000. The panel initially debated whether the payments should go to all black residents or just those who can prove they are descended from slaves. While this is also unclear, it appears that the latter has won the day. Therefore, even black millionaires may be in for a windfall, while white Californians in poverty will be ignored. 

Gavin Newsom has yet to explain how his administration plans to fund the reparations or how he will square the proposals with the US Constitution, which outlaws them. 

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