Former Trump Attorney Says NY AG Is ‘Just Not That Bright’

( – New York Attorney General Letitia James was publicly insulted by one of former President Donald Trump’s attorneys on Monday, who called the attorney general “not that bright.”

The New York Attorney General is currently leading a civil fraud trial against the former president and two of his sons for allegedly inflating and deflating asset values to defraud banks and insurance companies.

Alina Habba, one of Trump’s lawyers, went after James on Newsmax during a Monday interview in which she said James doesn’t have a good case against Trump. Despite Habba’s remarks, the judge overseeing the case already ruled that Trump committed fraud, and the ongoing trial without a jury is to determine the damages that should be paid.

Habba said that James is “just not that bright,” adding that, having seen the case brought against Trump by James and their lawyers, they “don’t know what they’re talking about.”

Habba argued that what Judge Arthur Engoron ruled as fraud in Trump’s case was nothing more than standard industry behavior. She claims that “just because a bank” providing a loan says an asset is “worth what the loan amount is,” that doesn’t mean the borrower will “say the real value,” which Habba said “happens when anybody” takes out a loan. She said the borrower will “say what they want… and not a penny more,” and the lender will say “what the loan amount is… and not a penny more.”

The Trump lawyer said James should “educate herself.” Habba was about to add another remark before stopping herself and claiming she couldn’t “say on TV” what she wanted to. Habba concluded that the case was “ridiculous” and compared it to “a circus,” stating that “anybody with a brain” considers the lawsuit “completely insane.”

On Monday, Trump took the stand and clashed with the judge, accusing Engoron of coming after the former president due to political motivations. The judge interrupted Trump at one point and told his lawyer to “control” their client because they were not at “a political rally.”

James, who seeks to ban Trump from doing business in New York and $250 million in penalties, called his courtroom antics “distractions.” She said she “will not be bullied” or “harassed” and that the case will continue.

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