Former Trump Attorney Claims AG James Is Giving Trump The ‘Corporate Death Penalty’

( – Donald Trump’s former lawyer said New York Attorney General Letitia James is inflicting a “corporate death penalty” on him. Michael Cohen, who was at the center of the former President’s scandal involving payments to an adult film star, said James is attacking Trump’s very identity and tearing down a business empire it took him 50 years to build.

The attorney told CNN’s Abby Phillip that Trump’s “ego” and “superego” are bound up in his businesses and his successes as an entrepreneur. “What this does is strip him of all of that,” he added. Cohen also predicted that Trump will not survive a minimum fine of $250,000 million, which he expects to at least double.

Mr. Cohen is the lawyer who paid Stormy Daniels the so-called “hush money” to keep quiet about her alleged affair with Donald Trump—an affair he denies. In 2018, when the scandal first broke, Cohen said he paid Daniels with his own money and was not reimbursed by the then-President. He later recanted and said Trump instigated the payments, which Trump also acknowledged.

Cohen would plead guilty to campaign finance charges related to the payments on the grounds that they were intended to influence the election. By the beginning of 2023, there was a new Democratic District Attorney in Manhattan, and he decided to pursue Donald Trump in the criminal courts over the matter; the former President was indicted in March.

In his latest legal battle, a judge in New York found Mr. Trump guilty of fraudulent business practices. Judge Arthur Engoron ruled that the Trump family and their businesses had overinflated the value of their assets and had done so for many years. The Trump Organization had, the judge said, borrowed and raised investments on the back of false valuations.

Trump now faces several similar counts, and if found liable, he could be fined up to a billion dollars and barred from conducting business in New York.

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