Foot-in-Mouth Crisis – Harris ‘Population Reduction’ Plan?!

( – President Joe Biden isn’t the only one in the White House full of gaffes. His right-hand woman, Vice President Kamala Harris, is perhaps even worse at public speaking, this time telling an audience one of the ways to deal with unclean air and drinking water is to “reduce population.”

The remarks by the vice president last week caused a stir online, especially among the conspiracy-minded, who are skeptical that powerful people like Bill Gates may be eugenicists in sheep’s clothing.

During a speech on the Inflation Reduction Act that Harris gave in Baltimore at Coppin State University, she said that when Biden and herself “took office,” they “set an ambitious goal” to cut greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030 and then to “reach net-zero” by the year 2050.

She went on to say that more children can consume clean air and clean water when investments are made “in clean energy, electric vehicles, and reducing population.” The vice president’s office claims Harris misspoke, meaning to say “pollution” instead of “population.” In the official transcripts on the White House website, the word “population” is crossed out, and “pollution” is placed in brackets. Mistake or not, Harris didn’t seem to notice and continued speaking without correcting herself.

The criticism on social media was immediate. GOP Georgian Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene asked the vice president what she meant by “reduce population” and by “what means” Harris is suggesting to do so for “public health.”

Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie, also a Republican, asked his Twitter audience if they are “the population [Harris] wants to reduce.” And GOP Senator Eric Schmitt of Missouri tweeted that Harris is saying “the quiet part out loud” in regards to how she “and other climate alarmists” view the general population. Twitter owner Elon Musk weighed in as well, stating that “we need to increase the population” rather than reduce it.

Harris, who’s been known to ramble in word salad during her speeches, often receives even lower approval ratings than Biden himself, despite his age and declining cognitive abilities.

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