Fetterman Slams Democrats Blaming Israel

(ConservativeSense.com) – Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman lashed out at fellow Democrats for blaming the Middle East war on Israel, calling it “truly disturbing.” In a series of posts on Twitter, Fetterman opposed calls for a ceasefire from Israel and said, “It’s truly disturbing that Members of Congress rushed to blame Israel for the hospital tragedy in Gaza.” Without naming anyone in particular, the Congressman asked why Democrats would take the word of Hamas and blame the horrific incident on America’s “key ally.”

The mainstream media and several politicians immediately began speaking out against the Jewish state and its bombardment of Gaza when reports emerged that a hospital had been destroyed by bombs in the Gaza Strip. Hamas blamed the tragedy on Israel, and the Western media initially reported this as fact. However, it later emerged that Hamas was responsible and had caused the incident by misfiring when attempting to hit Israel.

Israeli officials condemned the New York Times’s coverage of the story as it quoted “officials” from Hamas, who blamed Israel while failing to note that President Joe Biden had seen evidence that the Israel Defense Force was not responsible.

Similarly, Israel accused Britain’s BBC of “blood libel” for its reporting of the explosion at the al-Ahli Arab hospital. The BBC defended its coverage, saying the conflict was “fast-moving,” but conceded it was “wrong to speculate in this way.”

Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib, who displays a Palestinian flag in her office, repeated the debunked story at a rally in Washington, DC, and tweeted that the President of the United States is funding “genocide” by supporting Israel. “Your war and destruction-only approach has opened my eyes, and many Palestinian Americans and Muslim Americans like me. We will remember where you stood,” she said. Tlaib has refused to condemn the terror attack that killed 1,400 Israeli civilians.

Mr. Fetterman clarified his allegiance to Israel and urged America to supply “military, intelligence, or humanitarian aid to get the job done” and defeat Hamas.

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