Fetterman Blasts Fellow Dems Who Criticize Biden Publicly

(ConservativeSense.com) – Sen. John Fetterman of Pennsylvania appeared on MSNBC recently and blasted some of his fellow Democratic Party members for criticizing party leader President Joe Biden.

In a “Morning Joe” appearance on Thursday, Feb. 22, Fetterman was asked by host Joe Scarborough what he believed was the most pressing issue facing Pennsylvania in the upcoming presidential election as one of the most critical swing states. Out of the last 13 presidential elections, 11 of those winners also won the Keystone State, including Biden in 2020 and former President Donald Trump in 2016.

Fetterman replied that the most important issue for voters in his state is not only determining what they want for Pennsylvania, but for the whole nation and even “the world order” in general. He said the contest will be competitive and believes whoever wins Pennsylvania will also win the general election. The senator advised Pennsylvania voters to “lean in on” their ability to determine who wins the White House possibly.

The Democratic senator then took aim at his fellow party members, who have been criticizing the president “too publicly.” Fetterman said he doesn’t understand why Democrats are criticizing Biden and believes many of them are “chasing clout” to try and get on TV. The senator then said those Democrats who can’t stand by Biden during this time should “get” their MAGA hats because they are only “helping Trump.”

Criticism of the president’s health and mental abilities is no longer just coming from Republicans but has been mounting on Biden’s side of the fence in the wake of Special Counsel Robert Hurt’s Feb. 5 report. That report determined Biden would not face any criminal charges for mishandling classified government documents after leaving office as vice president, the very same charges Trump currently faces. One of the reasons Hur gave for the investigation’s assessment is that they believe Biden will present himself to the jury the same way he did to them: as a “sympathetic, elderly man with a poor memory.”

Fetterman may also hold a sympathetic view of Biden due to the fact that questions were raised about his own mental faculties last year and his ability to serve in Congress.

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