FBI Director Under Fire – House Committee Seeks ANSWERS!

(ConservativeSense.com) – Ohio Republican Jim Jordan, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, threatened to hold the FBI Director in contempt of Congress. Jordan claims that Christopher Wray failed to comply with two subpoenas adequately.

In a letter issued to Wray, Jordan wrote that they are notifying Wray “that if the FBI does not improve its compliance,” action will be taken by the Committee to make the agency comply “with these subpoenas.” The letter gave a deadline of noon on July 25 to hand over the documents requested, or the committee would “take action” to obtain them.

Chairman Jordan said the letter was only issued after the FBI was given “several accommodations,” “persistent outreach by the Committee” over several months, and many “attempts to negotiate and work” with the agency “in good faith.”

After a memo from Attorney General Merrick Garland about a “disturbing spike” in threats, intimidation, and harassment against school staff, teachers, board members, and administrators, subpoenas were issued to Garland, Wray, and Miguel Cardona, Secretary of Education.

Jordan claims in the letter to Wray that the subpoenas were due to the FBI “targeting” concerned parents who attended school board meetings to speak out about questionable content in school curricula. Jordan previously addressed the memo by Garland as raising concerns about First Amendment rights.

Even after the Committee agreed to accept the requested documents from the FBI on a rolling basis to accommodate the agency, the FBI continues to drag its feet.

A second subpoena was issued to Wray by Jordan in late April after a now-retracted memo came out from the Richardmond, VA, field office of the FBI indicating they were targeting traditional Catholics who attend mass in order to weed out white nationalists.

A spokesperson for the FBI issued a statement saying that the agency sees “the importance” of oversight by Congress and “remains fully committed to cooperating” with their requests.

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