FBI Arrests Transgender Person After They Threaten To ‘Kill Transphobes’

(ConservativeSense.com) – The FBI arrested a trans-identifying man after he allegedly posted threats on social media against “transphobes” and implied he was preparing to commit a mass shooting.

The man, who now goes by the name Elizabeth Ballesteros West, was arrested in Oregon on Tuesday, Jan. 9, after law enforcement was tipped off about concerning posts on social media by West, including threats of violence and photographs of firearms. West’s social media bio was also alarming. In it, he described himself as “a Nazi dominatrix from hell” who’s “ready to stand up” against blacks and Jews.

Some of West’s threats were posted in a private Facebook group for “Trans Woman Support.” West included photos of multiple firearms in one of the posts and complained about “transphobes” who were “misgendering” him. Misgendering is the term used by trans activists for using the pronoun that matches them biologically.

According to the Oregonian, the 56-year-old has a history of mental illness, including bipolar disorder, and has allegedly confessed to feeling “at the end” of his rope after revealing the possibility of losing his job after becoming frustrated with coworkers who disagree with transgenderism.

West wrote that he’s “too old to keep looking for jobs” and was tired of “being bullied,” which he said has left him “with no alternative” but to “go out in a blaze of glory.” West said he’d “been preparing” a long time for such a moment, noting that he has no family or friends and, therefore, would “at least” be remembered by this action.

Other posts by West targeted Jews, black people, and illegal immigrants, specifically for receiving free so-called “gender-affirming care” from the state. FBI agents monitored West’s public social media accounts for a few months before making an arrest.

Although he was arrested in January, the complaint reveals that the FBI identified West back in September 2023. Federal investigators claim that they tried to speak with West multiple times early in their investigation, but that he refused.

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