Experts Sound ALARMS – Biden Strikes Agreement With China To Shut Down Fossil Fuels

US - China Combined Flag | United States, China Relations Concept 3D Illustration

( – Energy experts from the United States are warning citizens about the consequences of President Biden’s agreement with China, which will slow down the production of fossil fuels in favor of renewable energy. Experts warn the agreement will have massive ramifications for the United States economy and national security.

The United States State Department announced the agreement just days before President Biden met with Chinese President Xi Jinping. The energy deal will prioritize the development of clean energy production, shifting away from energy sources like oil in favor of solar or hydroelectric power. The agreement also includes an exchange relating to both nations’ economies.

The agreement is already receiving heavy scrutiny from experts due to the economic ramifications for United States citizens. The shift to renewable energy will likely include increased taxes and force Americans to buy new equipment compatible with renewable energy sources. Energy experts also claim that China won’t fulfill its part of the promised exchange.

According to experts, China rarely adheres to international military installation or energy production agreements. China may also benefit from the agreement due to its involvement in the renewable energy industry. According to Daniel Turner, Power The Future’s founder and director, China manufactures the most clean energy products, like solar panels or wind turbines.

Turner claimed the deal benefits China by guaranteeing the nation a “customer” and protecting its manufacturing industry for the next decade. According to Turner, the agreement heavily favors China, and it’s not surprising that Ji Xinping agreed to the energy deal.

Turner’s criticisms align with a report from the International Energy Agency, which found that China produces a majority of lithium-ion batteries used in electric vehicles, providing it with an economic advantage from the deal. United States citizens aren’t so lucky, as the deal will push consumers to purchase electric vehicles, further benefiting China economically.

Despite the criticisms from energy experts, the Biden Administration claims the agreement is a victory for the American people. The renewable energy deal is meant to combat the effects of climate change, an increasingly concerning issue for many Americans.

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