Ex-NATO Leader Accuses U.S. Of Fueling World Conflicts

(ConservativeSense.com)  – Anders Fogh Rasmussen, former Secretary General of NATO, says the real reason so many conflicts have erupted worldwide is hesitancy from the United States to take action.

Politico interviewed the former NATO Secretary General, who served from 2009 to 2014, who told the news outlet that if President Joe Biden doesn’t toughen up on China by setting clear foreign policy boundaries and expectations, Taiwan will be the next military escalation on America’s watch. According to Rasmussen, who also served as Denmark’s 24th prime minister, every time the US doesn’t exercise “global leadership, the “bad guys… take advantage of the situation,” and when the US does lead, the “bad guys retreat.”

Rasmussen believes the trend started under the administration of former President Barack Obama, during which he said the country “was too weak” to respond to Russia when they annexed Crimea back in 2014, which Rasmussen said led to the current war with Ukraine. He said that, aside from the Ukraine war, recent happenings in the Taiwan Strait and escalation in the Middle East are all the result of America’s “hesitance to actually lead.”

Ultimately, the 70-year-old former NATO chief blamed former President Donald Trump. Rasmussen said the former president downplayed NATO’s role on the world stage while in office. Recently, Trump made a promise to withdraw the US from NATO if he returns to the White House, and also said he would not assist Europe in the event of a foreign attack.

Rasmussen said that whether “good” or “bad,” the world needs a “global policeman” and that America “is the only power on earth” capable of exercising that job.

He also commented on the dispute between Democrats and Republicans over the southern border, advising Democrats to make a deal with the GOP so the subject can become a “non-issue” during the presidential election. Rasmussen said if he was asked by the party what to do, he would tell them “to accommodate Republican views on the border” so a package that includes aid for Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan can go through.

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