Every Lie Joe Biden Has Told So Far

(ConservativeSense.com) – An online conservative publication is collating a list of 250 lies told by President Biden. In the latest edition, his claim to have been “raised in the synagogues” of Delaware was scrutinized. The accompanying analysis explains that Biden did not grow up in synagogues, nor was he a regular at black churches, as he has also maintained.

In February, during a speech at the White House to mark black history month, President Biden said he would go to a local black church after attending Catholic Mass on Sundays. He also said he was involved in the civil rights movement as a teenager and claimed he supported gay marriage as early as the 1960s. Specifically, he described attending the Union Baptist Church in Delaware, but nobody remembers seeing him there.

The President even claimed to be a “student of Persian culture” at an event marking the start of the Persian New Year, leaving guests wondering what that entailed.

Conservative commentator Nick Arama wrote, “It’s become a joke at this point that Joe Biden may be the first black, Puerto Rican, Irish, Jewish civil rights activist, and truck driver in the office.”

Only around half of the 250 alleged lies are published, but highlights include the claim that he taught courses at the University of Pennsylvania, but there is no record of such classes. He also said he visited the scene of the 9/11 terror attack in New York one day after it took place, but records show he was in Washington, DC.

When the Pittsburgh Bridge collapsed in 2022, the President said he was there to witness it fall, but he did not arrive until hours later. During an address at a naval base in June, he recounted his appointment to the Naval Academy in 1965, but again, there is no record of this.

Concerning his family, he insists he has four grandchildren when he has five – his son Hunter has a 4-year-old daughter the Bidens do not acknowledge.

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