Eric Adams Slams Biden For Ignoring Migrant Crisis

( – New York City Mayor Eric Adams lashed out at President Biden for ignoring the migrant crisis in the Big Apple. At a press conference during the President’s recent visit to the city, reporters asked Adams if there were plans for them to meet, and he replied, “I’m very public. Everyone knows where I am. You guys know where I am all the time. We release if we’re going to be with the president or not.”

He confirmed he had not spoken with Biden since early this year. When he spoke out against the president and blamed him for the crisis, he was removed from Biden’s re-election campaign, and relations have strained further since then. Adams told reporters he hopes President Biden realizes that New York has “done its part” and is in financial peril thanks to the arrival of more than 100,000 illegal immigrants since last spring. He said it will cost New Yorkers $12 billion over the next two years.

While Adams blames the migrant emergency on the White House, many Republicans blame it on Democrat policies incentivizing illegal immigrants to travel to the US. For example, New York is a self-declared “sanctuary city,” and Adams is on record saying immigrants will always be welcome. Furthermore, illegal immigrants are entitled to a host of publicly funded benefits, and in March, the city announced it would pay for migrants to go to college for free.

The “sanctuary” status of New York is one reason for the action of Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who has bussed thousands of border crossers to the Big Apple. Republicans on the frontlines, such as those in southern or border states, have decided to hold the liberal cities to their word and send migrants their way.

Floridian Governor Ron DeSantis famously transported dozens of immigrants to the upmarket Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts, an area populated by the rich and famous and several liberal politicians. The migrants were soon moved on.

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