EPIC Fail – Woke Company Publicly HUMILIATED!

(ConservativeSense.com) – An image of a large stack of Bud Light boxes has gone viral on social media after it was doctored to change the price to “Just take them.” It was posted on Twitter with the caption, “Walmart has updated their sale on Bud Light.”

The post unleashed a barrage of mockery with one poster suggesting that even thieves won’t take them, and another saying the next sign will write, “Just take them please.”

Bud Light has dropped from the number one spot in America since it used online influencer Dylan Mulvaney to front an ad campaign. Mulvaney has millions of followers on TikTok. He achieved fame by parodying women and pretending to be a girl – he was even invited to the White House to educate President Biden on transgender issues. The Californian has documented his “journey to girlhood” and to celebrate one year, Bud Light sent him cans with his face emblazoned on them. When Mulvaney showed these on TikTok, the backlash was immediate and fierce.

Music star Kid Rock posted a clip of himself shooting a pack of Bud Light, which also went viral online. Conservative influencers and social media users called for a boycott and Bud Light sales dropped by around 25%, wiping billions from its market value.

Anheuser-Busch, the St. Louis-based brewer that owns Bud Light, tried to recapture some of its lost consumers by launching a separate ad campaign for its other major seller, Budweiser. This featured the iconic Clydesdale horse galloping across America from landmark to landmark, interspersed with images of everyday Americans enjoying a beer. The attempt failed however and sales of its competitors rose while its collapse continued.

Dylan Mulvaney also partnered with sportswear giant Nike and this too resulted in a boycott. British Olympic swimming champion Sharron Davies led the charge and said hiring a man to sell clothing intended for female customers was a “kick in the teeth” for women.

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