The Cost For These Cars Just Skyrocketed!

( – The cost of running an electric car has soared in recent months with one British survey revealing that it costs around $10 more to charge a car than it would cost to fill the same vehicle with gas. Leader of Britain’s Automobile Association Jack Cousens said, “While pump prices are falling, electricity prices are going in the other direction.”

Not only is it cheaper to fill a car with gas, the time it takes when compared to electric vehicles presents another obstacle to electric car ownership. While it takes only minutes to fill a car with gasoline, it can take up to 48 hours to charge an electric car. On top of this, in 2022, the average cost to purchase an electric car in America was $66,000. 

While the British government wants all cars to be electric by 2030, the Biden administration has committed to 50% by that time. It is unclear how half of the US population will be able to afford such cars, and it is unclear how the electricity to power them will be generated. At present, the power is generated by fossil fuels. As 60% of the world’s energy is produced using fossil fuels, on average, an electric car produces about as much CO2 as a petrol or diesel car.

Environmental campaigners argue that while electric cars will mean vastly increased demands on energy production, such energy will be produced using cleaner methods such as wind and solar. 

Peter Grossman, an economist and energy policy expert, said relying on wind and sun is disastrous for consumers and our wider economy. “Blackouts are unavoidable with solar and wind because the wind can stop blowing strongly, sometimes for weeks, and the sun sets daily and may be blocked out by clouds for many days consecutively. Where a large percentage of electricity is generated by solar and wind, the cost of electricity to consumers has risen dramatically,” he said. 

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