Dutch Prime Minister: ‘Stop Whining About Trump, Focus on Europe’

(ConservativeSense.com) – Mark Rutte, the Prime Minister of the Netherlands who could become NATO’s next secretary general, recommends that Europe refrain from complaining about former US President Donald Trump and instead shift their focus on how to help Ukraine in its war against Russia’s invasion.

Many Europeans are frustrated with Trump for his past remarks promising not to defend America’s NATO allies who do not spend enough on their own military forces to defend themselves. Rutte spoke at the Munich Security Conference, and told European nations to “stop moaning and whining and nagging” about the former US leader and to shift their focus.

Rutte said that it’s ultimately “up to the Americans” to make that call and that because he’s not American, he “cannot vote in the US” and there’s no point in focusing on whether or not it’ll be there to assist NATO allies. Rutte said NATO countries must “work with whoever is on the dance floor.” He added that whether or not Trump comes back into the fold, European nations should still be upping their defense spending and ammunition manufacturing.

The Dutch prime minister said it was in Europe’s best interests to support Ukraine in its fight against Russia, which invaded the neighboring nation three years ago. Rutte said he’s “cautiously optimistic” that the US will pass its stalled aid package and that there’s no use “whining and moaning” about the former president. “Let’s stop doing that,” he said.

In July 2023, Rutte announced he would be leaving Dutch politics. He said he wasn’t sure whether or not he was being considered for the NATO Secretary-General position and that he had no plans to launch a personal campaign. Jens Stoltenberg, the current NATO head, is due to step down sometime in October after serving ten years in the position. Rutte was considered for the position in the past but wasn’t available to take on the role at the time.

Although Rutte said he did not plan on launching a campaign, he also clarified that if the opportunity came his way, he would consider it.

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