Drone Strike in Baghdad Kills a Top Hezbollah Leader

(ConservativeSense.com) – A high-level Hezbollah commander was killed by an American drone in Baghdad, military sources have confirmed. Wissam Muhammad Sabir Al-Saadi died when the US targeted a car in the Mashtal neighborhood of the Iraqi capital, angering officials in Iraq who say they were given no warning of the strike. American military leaders say Sabir Al-Saadi was responsible for “directly planning and participating in attacks” on US troops in the region and was commander in charge of terror group Hezbollah in Syria.

The strike came days after US forces attacked dozens of military installations in Iraq and Syria, which were used as bases by Iran-backed militia organizations including Islamic Resistance in Iraq – the group that claimed responsibility for a deadly assault on American troops in Jordan.

The Islamic Resistance in Iraq warns that it will continue to target US forces in retaliation for American support for Israel in its war with Hamas. There have been almost 170 such assaults since the terror attack on Israel last October, but the incident in Jordan was the first to result in US fatalities, and experts warn it has exacerbated tensions in the region.

Following the drone attack on an American base in Jordan in January, Republicans urged the President to take decisive action. President Biden said retaliatory strikes in the weeks that followed targeted 85 sites in Iraq and Syria, all linked to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard and its proxy groups.

Three American troops, Sgt William Jerome Rivers, Specialist Kennedy Ladon Sanders, and Specialist Breonna Alexsondria Moffett died, and more than 40 soldiers were injured, when a drone hit their housing unit on the Syria-Jordan border on January 28. In the immediate aftermath, Pentagon spokesperson Sabrina Singh emphasized that the US is not seeking war with Iran, “but we will take action, and respond to attacks on our forces.”

Subsequent reports suggested that the drone was manufactured inside Iran and is one of the weapons the Islamic regime is supplying to Russia.

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