Drone Attack Destroys Russia’s Newest $65M Patrol Ship

(ConservativeSense.com) – Ukrainian forces have destroyed a $65 million Russian ship in the Black Sea, according to officials in Kyiv. The Sergey Kotov, Russia’s newest Project 22160 patrol ship, has a crew of 80, and media reports say that seven died when Ukraine’s Group 13 special forces launched a drone attack. A further six people were injured, and 52 were rescued. The assault was part of Ukraine’s focus on Russia’s Black Sea fleet and its central logistics hub for its southern Ukraine forces. The ship was also reportedly used as part of Moscow’s attempts to blockade Ukraine’s grain exports.

Ukraine’s military intelligence said, “As a result of the attack by Magura V5 naval drones, the Russian ship of project 22160 ‘Sergey Kotov’ suffered damage to the stern, right and left sides.”

Kyiv officials claim that 20% of Russia’s missile attacks emanate from Black Sea vessels, and analysts say the Sergey Kotov’s destruction by drones will embarrass Vladimir Putin because the vessel is part of Russia’s anti-drone armory and was fitted with radar to spot and destroy drones.

The blow to Russia represents another success for Ukraine in the region, which has pushed Russian vessels back far enough to open up a grain export corridor.

Ukrainian drones also destroyed a fuel warehouse in the Kursk region on March 6. Kursk governor Roman Starovoit reported that two drones struck the facility at one of Russia’s largest iron ore plants but said the plant is still functional and productive.

There were further drone attacks at Belgorod and Voronezh, but Moscow said its air defense systems shot these down – Kyiv did not confirm or deny Russia’s claim.

Meanwhile, the UK has said it is prepared to loan Ukraine all of the frozen Russian assets held by the country. Foreign Secretary David Cameron said a syndicated loan or bond could use Russian assets as a surety to give money to Ukraine “knowing that we will recoup it when reparations are paid by Russia.”

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