DOUBLE Standards – Hypocrisy On DISPLAY!

( – After the announcement of Hunter Biden’s plea deal with the Department of Justice (DOJ), former Fox News host Tucker Carlson pointed out the double standards of the federal government when sentencing “the people in charge” as opposed to the average citizen.

On Tuesday, Carlson released the latest episode of his new show, Tucker on Twitter. In the episode, he discussed the recent plea deal for President Joe Biden’s son, who will plead guilty to a willful failure to pay income tax to the federal government as well as agree to participate in a “pretrial diversion program” for his gun law violation, most likely avoiding jail time.

Carlson pointed out the hypocrisy of the deal, stating that any ordinary American would surely face time in prison if they cheated on their taxes or violated federal gun laws. He said the lesson to be learned from the deal is that the children of those who are “in charge” will face “no penalties” for their actions and that the justice system clearly has two tiers.

“They’re princelings,” Carlson said, who “can do what they want.” He then addressed his audience by reminding them they “are not,” and that they better not “get any ideas” about committing tax fraud or violating gun laws or they’ll be punished. “The rules,” he said, “definitely apply to you,” even those we “don’t yet know exist.”

The deeper lesson, according to Carlson, that can be observed through the first son’s life and the Biden administration as a whole is what he calls “the total inversion of virtue.” Values that were once seen as “admirable,” the former Fox News host said, such as humility, self-control, honesty, intelligence, and achievement, are now “derided as stupid.”

In April, Carlson’s show on Fox News, “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” was suddenly canceled. It was the network’s highest-rated show and they’ve since taken a hit in viewership without Carlson, who is now releasing his new show exclusively on Twitter.

It was later revealed and confirmed by Carlson’s unofficial biographer, Chadwick Moore, that the show’s cancelation was a settlement condition in the Dominion Voting Systems vs. Fox News Network lawsuit.

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